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Racking Applications and use
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Key words:Racking Applications and use


Racking used for dairy, beverage and other food industry, cold storage is also more common.

Racking: a channel not to split, overall continuity shelf; through shelves in pallet access mode, for storing a single, large quantities of goods varieties; compared with pallet racking, warehouse utilization rate can be achieved 80% warehouse space utilization rate can be increased by more than 30%, the highest storage efficiency shelves. On the support rails, trays according to the depth direction of the store, followed by a a. Investment costs are relatively low for large lateral dimensions, fewer varieties in larger quantities, the same type used to store a large number of goods, because of its large storage density higher utilization of space on the ground, commonly used in cold storage, food, tobacco, etc. high cost of warehouse storage space.


Although we already know how to use the drive-in rack can help enterprises to improve economic efficiency, but simply note that it is not enough, we need to pay attention to is how to better use into the shelves, so to maximize the economic benefits embodied.

Better use through racks to note is that, in the design of a new warehouse or retrofit an existing warehouse, then it is necessary for the system characteristics warehouse applied research review, for example, into the shelves in minimum space for maximum storage capacity, then you can choose this economical logistics solutions.

When using through shelves, loading and unloading from one side, which can effectively improve the time efficiency.

Through shelves, which is not to channel segmentation entire shelf continuity in the support rail (corbel beams) on the tray according to the depth direction stored immediately following a one, which makes high-density storage possible. Drive-in shelves for less variety and large quantity of goods stored, commonly used for storing a large number of the same type of goods, high utilization of space, suitable for higher food industry, chemical industry, the garment industry, cold storage and other costs of the case , the unit cost of storage space is relatively low.

Racking Press pickup direction can be divided into one-way and two-way arrangement, unidirectional (wall area) total depth of the shelf the best control in less than six pallets deep, two-way (on both sides of the middle region can pick up) the total depth of the shelf area good control in less than 12 pallets deep, in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the forklift access (such shelf system, the truck continued to "hold high the high play" mode of operation, the truck is easy to hit rock shelf, so consider stability the adequacy of the essential). Such storage stability of the system is weak, the shelves should not be too high, generally it should be controlled within 10 meters, and in order to strengthen the stability of the entire shelf system, in addition to specifications, the selection is bigger, we must also add Shiraz fixing apparatus. Single-care goods should not be too big, too heavy, the weight is usually controlled within 1500KG, tray span of not more than 1.5 meters. Often with a reach truck or counterbalanced battery forklift battery forklift.

Racking Since storing goods-intensive, high stability requirements, and therefore require a relatively large shelf parts, and accessories by connecting Rack column sheet, so that cargo can be safely stored in densely corbel beam, the maximum extent use of space. Into the shelves of accessories, including: corbel (corbel column beam and shelf main connections, sub-sided and double-sided), corbel beam (main supporting layer resting cargo storage), the top beam (shelf column connection the stabilizer), the top pull (Rack column connecting the stabilizer), pull back (Rack column connecting the stabilizer for the shelf when the one-way arrangement), foot care (shelf frontal protection member), the guard rail (truck entered the roadway when the shelf protection member) and the like.

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