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Narrow aisle shelves using the principles and scope of application
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Key words:Narrow aisle shelves using the principles and scope of application

Shelf using the principles
Shelving systems for the beam shelves main system, except that the installation of the "three stacking forklift" action guide on the shelf at the bottom of the ground. Conventional rail using unequal angle. Material Handling forklift limit was dedicated "three stacking forklift." Three-stacking forklift glide along the established guide. Stacking channel width slightly greater than the width of the racking system cargo tray, high-density storage requirements can be achieved. All materials also inherited Rack beams all the advantages of the system, shelf system are accommodated with 100% optional, the truck ready to store any cargo tray. Fast storage efficiency, very high storage density, it is appropriate for the use of storage and logistics center in narrow aisle racking system, it brings significant productivity and cost-effectiveness.

If the storage or logistics center has a few features you might consider the following narrow aisle racking system:
1. goods stored a large amount of goods in and out more frequently and have higher cargo sorting requirements;
2. Storage and logistics centers or urgent need to increase the number of storage spaces requires a certain amount of memory;
3. logistics efficiency requires a high level.
4. warehouse available net height is higher, greater than 8M above;
5. The truck can be used stand-alone warehouse forklift trucks, warehouse trucks do not plan to use the exit outdoor perform other tasks.

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