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Cantilever Rack Introduction
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Key words:Cantilever Rack Introduction

Brief introduction

Cantilever Rack is mounted to the boom in the column configuration, the cantilever can be fixed, it can be moved. Pipe, sheet metal storage use more. According to the carrying capacity can be divided into lightweight, in the amount of weight type three; according to the structure can be divided into single-sided and double-sided cantilever rack cantilever rack.

Shelves Purpose

Cantilevered shelves for storing long material, the ring material, sheet, pipe and irregular goods. Cantilever Rack H beam or column to use more cold-rolled steel, cantilever with square tube, cold-rolled steel or H beam, cantilever and inter-column connection with plug-in or bolt-type, between the base and column bolt-connected, base with cold rolled steel or H beam. Access of goods carried by the truck, driving, or manually. Shelf height is usually less than 2.5 meters (such as access to goods from the forklift can be up to 6 meters), the cantilever length of 1.5 meters, each arm load is usually less than 1000KG. Such shelves are used for machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets and so on. Plus the shelf, especially for small space, easy high and low revenue, management, and wide compared with the ordinary Rack shelf, a higher utilization rate; according to the carrying capacity can be divided into lightweight, in the amount, by weight three.

For the storage of heavy, scattered, or other special products, Cantilever Rack is the ideal solution. Cantilevered shelves and arms of the sub-arm, efficient storage timber, pipes, and other long objects similar products. Cantilevered shelves in traditional shelf mounted on the boom from the stanchions, is a long-shaped objects dedicated shelves.

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