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  All the information contained in this website (this information) is provided by our company and uploaded to this website after our company's audit. The Company endeavors to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information and is responsible for the authenticity and legitimacy of the information. However, the company will not be liable for any errors, lengthy explanations, misunderstandings or other inaccurate understandings of the content of this website.
  This website is for information reference only and is a service for company customers, partners, employees and the public.
Without the written permission of the Company, the information and materials contained in this website shall not be reproduced, published or published in any media for any purpose.
  The information and information contained in this website will not be notified of any change.
  If you think that some content of this site is suspected of infringement, please inform us immediately, and we will delete it at the first time.
  The right to interpret the above statement is vested in our company. Where there are relevant legal interpretations, the interpretation of Chinese law shall be taken as the benchmark. If there is any dispute, it should be settled by the judicial department in our place.
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