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Automated warehouse applications
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Key words:Automated warehouse applications

Automated three-dimensional library is widely used in China. Summarized as follows:

Industrial production areas:

1 pharmaceutical production: pharmaceutical production is one of the earliest applications of automation in the field of three-dimensional database, 1993 Guangzhou Yangcheng Pharmaceutical Factory built China's first pharmaceutical production with automated three-dimensional library. Thereafter, Liaoning Fushun, Northeast Pharmaceutical, the Yangtze River Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group, dozens of successful application of automated three-dimensional library business.

2 Automotive Manufacturing: China the first application of automation applications in the field of three-dimensional library. China is the first application of the steam-dimensional library automation units. China's major automobile manufacturers almost exclusively automated three-dimensional library of applications.

3 Machinery: One of the areas of automation is widely used three-dimensional library. Such as Sany Heavy Industry and so on.

4 Electronics Manufacturing: Lenovo and other electronics in 2000 after the start of three-dimensional library automation system.

5 tobacco industry: China automated three-dimensional library of the most common in the industry. And a large number of imported equipment. Such as the typical Red River and Changsha.


1 tobacco distribution: widespread use of automated three-dimensional library system.

2 pharmaceutical distribution: In response to GSP certification, a large number of automated three-dimensional library is applied to the field of medicine national circulation. Such as Medicines, drugs and so on.

3 Airport Cargo: an early adopter of automated three-dimensional art library. Major airports are using three-dimensional library system for baggage handling.

4 Subway: With China's booming construction subway, automated database application to expand a large area.

Product manufacturing:

1 Clothing: Clothing field of application of three-dimensional library automation in recent years to do.

2 wine: such as Yang, et niulanshan

3 milk: Mengniu, Yili and other companies have applied.

4 Chemicals: the first application of one-dimensional library automation industry.

5 printing, publishing, books: is one of the industry-wide applications.

Military applications:

One field of application of automated three-dimensional library of the most common. Logistics, equipment, etc. are particularly common.


In addition, there are many areas of application of automated three-dimensional library. As the core library, tires libraries, teaching libraries.

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