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Racking basic information
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Key words:Racking basic information

Racking can be configured as required according to the guide rail.

Through shelves in the same space is almost twice as much storage capacity than the conventional pallet racking, because of the abolition of roadway located between the rows of shelves, the shelves will be combined together to make the same level, the same column followed by another cargo, the largest limits to improve storage capacity utilization.

Racking is widely used for high-volume, less variety of cargo storage, such goods are packaged unified, single product, such as: food, tobacco, and other cold storage warehouse.

Shelf components:

Columns, bracing, crossbars, pull back, pull the top, top beams, spacers, double corbels, siding, single bracket, foot care, rails and other components

Shelf Features:

1, the support rails, trays according to the depth direction of the store, followed by a one, which makes through shelves have high-density storage possible.

2. Access of goods from the shelves and out of the same side, after taking first deposit, deposit after the first take, counterbalanced and reach trucks can easily access of goods into the middle shelf, without taking multiple channels.

3, the shelves for storing large quantities and less variety of goods, through shelves (Drive-in shelves) of shelf bracket and bracket are made whole stamping / rolling technology, has a strong bearing capacity, good looks cargo .

4, through shelves full plug assembly structure, column-piece assembly structure, the total depth of the wall shelf region are generally the best control in five pallets deep within, and out of both sides of the intermediate region may be on the shelves of the total depth is generally the best control within 10 pallets deep, in order to improve the efficiency and reliability of the forklift access.

Stability Racking system is relatively weak in all kinds of shelves, for which shelf should not be too high, generally less than 10m, the system still need to add additional solid device Shiraz. Such a system shelf arrangement intensive, high utilization of space, suitable for storing large quantities and less variety of the same type of goods, goods can be removed from the same side of the deposit, but also from the side into the other side removed.

1, into the shelves, also known as Rack Corridor or through shelves.

2, the forklift can start storing tray into the roadway.

3, access mode for the last out, or FIFO: out from the same side as the advanced, from one side into the other side of the FIFO.

4, can greatly improve the space utilization.

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