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Automated warehouse basic introduction
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Key words:Automated warehouse basic introduction

Production and warehouse development after World War II is the result of production and technology development. In the early 1950s, the United States there has been use of overhead stacking crane warehouse; the late 1950s and early 1960s there has been a driver-operated roadway stacker cranes warehouse; in 1963 the United States took the lead in the use of computer-controlled high-bay warehouse technology, the establishment of the first computer-controlled warehouse. Since then, the rapid development of automated warehouse in the United States and Europe, and the formation of a specialized discipline. The mid-1960s, Japan began construction of warehouse, and the development of faster and faster, becoming one of the largest countries in the world today warehouse with automated.
Development started on warehouse and material handling equipment is not late, in 1963, developed into a first overhead stacking crane 1973 started to develop China's first automated warehouse controlled by the computer (15 meters high), the library 1980 put into operation. Until 2003, the number of Chinese automated warehouse has more than 200. Warehouse space due to its high efficiency, a strong ability to enter the library, using computer control and management and help enterprises to implement modern management and other features, has become the logistics and production management indispensable storage technology, more and more enterprise attention.
Automated warehouse (AS / RS) is a three-dimensional shelf, rail retrieval machine, the storage tray conveyor system, gauging bar code reader systems, communication systems, automatic control systems, computer monitoring system, as well as other computer management system wire and cable bridge distribution cabinets, trays, adjust the platform, steel structure platform and other auxiliary equipment consisting of complex automation systems. Use first-class integrated logistics concept, the use of advanced control, bus, communications and information technology, through coordinated action the above equipment will be out of storage operations.

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