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Automated Warehouse Category
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Key words:Automated Warehouse Category

Press building can be divided into two kinds of integral and separate.
(1) monolithic: it refers to the storage shelf in addition to goods, but also as a support structure of the building, form a part of the building that houses the shelf integrated structure, the general integral height of 12 meters. This warehouse light weight structure, good integrity, good seismic.
(2) Separate: Separate the goods stored inside the building shelf independent existence. Separate height of 12 meters, but there are 15-20 m in. Applicable to the use of existing buildings as warehouses, factories and warehouses or within a single place to build a high shelf.
Goods store
Access of the goods into the form of shelf unit, mobile shelves and picking shelves type style.
(1) Shelf unit type: type shelf unit is a common form of warehouse. Goods to be placed in a tray or container, and then into the cargo space on the shelf unit.
(2) Mobile Rack formula: Mobile shelves shelves composed by motor type, the shelf can walk on the track, closed by the control device controls the shelves and separation. When the job shelves separated in tunnel work can be carried out; when the job can not be shelf collapsed, leaving only a job roadway, thereby improving space utilization.
(3) picking shelves formula: picking shelves where sorting mechanism is the core part of the inner into the outer roadway roadway sorting and sorting in two ways. "Before the arrival of the chosen people" take the former pickers picking stacker arrival grid, grid chosen goods from the goods required number of the library. "Goods to person at the election," there is the goods required by the pallet or container stacker to picking area, according to the bill of lading requirements pickers picked required goods, then the remaining goods returned to the place.
Shelf configuration
It can be divided into units of goods format, through, horizontal and vertical rotary rotary.

(1) unit cargo warehouse format: shelf unit similar type of roadway takes up an area of about one-third.
(2) through the formula: In order to improve storage utilization, you can cancel is located between the rows of shelves roadway, the individual shelves are combined, so that each layer of the goods in the same column through each other to form a can store more cargo unit channel, while at the other end of the library to pick up the crane, become through type warehouse. According to the cargo unit moves within the channel, through the warehouse is divided into gravity-shelf warehouse and shuttle car shelves warehouse. Gravity shelves warehouse inventory each channel can only store the same kind of goods, it applies to the goods is not too much variety and the number is relatively large warehouse. Shuttle car can be made from a crane moving inventory channel to another.
(3) horizontal rotary warehouse shelves: These warehouse itself can be along a circular route running back and forth in a horizontal plane. Each group consists of several independent shelf container composition, using a chain conveyor link up these containers. There are support rollers beneath each container, the upper part of the guide rollers. When the conveyor operation, the container will be a corresponding movement. When the need to extract certain goods, just give instruction in library operating table. When containers are provided with the desired goods to shipping port, shelf stop. This order picking shelves for small items is very appropriate. It is simple and practical, full use of space, suitable for less demanding operating frequency of the occasion.
(4) vertical rotation type warehouse shelves: shelf with horizontal rotary warehouse is similar, but the rotation in the horizontal plane to the vertical plane of rotation. This shelf is particularly suitable for storage of the scroll-like goods, such as carpet, vinyl flooring, film reel, cable reels, etc.

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