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Attic shelves structure and mounting method
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Key words:Attic shelves structure and mounting method


Attic shelves overall structure assembled formula, no field welding, overall appearance, and generous. Compared with concrete structure or steel structure, because the shelf itself play a supporting role on the ground floor above the floor, with a low cost, high utilization of space advantages.

Attic shelves panel plate varieties, tread plate, perforated steel plate to accommodate fire prevention, ventilation, lighting, etc. different requirements. Alternatively cargo up and down the floor forklifts, hydraulic lifts, freight elevators, etc; cargo transport is usually the same layer using a small trolley complete.

Attic shelves usually carrying capacity 300KG ~ 1000KG / square meter, column selection and strong bearing capacity, the less steel tube; primary and secondary beam can be selected in the steel construction is currently the most economical and reasonable bearing according to H-beam and Saxony the company developed a dedicated platform C-type roll forming steel beams.

Attic shelves floor panel selection Saxony dedicated special C-type roll forming tread plate or hollow board with buckle plate structure, and primary and secondary beam steel fixed, the entire platform structure, strong integrity, according to the actual needs of different floor panels to meet fire or anti-dust, anti-small pieces fall requirements. Below the floor lighting system can also be configured as needed.

Attic shelves are widely used in high warehouse, small goods, manual access, large storage capacity under the circumstances, it can make full use of space, saving the Treasury area. According to the actual site and specific requirements, it can be designed to loft single or multiple layers, usually 2-3 layers. Especially suitable for classification save auto parts, electronics and other business products, bearing ≤500kg / layer

installation method

1, attic shelves with shelves do floor support, warehouse shelf and down into a unique space of two to three.

2, usually 2-3 layers, are provided to enhance the staircase and cargo elevator.

3, suitable for higher warehouse, small goods, manual access, storage volume is large.

Attic shelves fabrication and installation is very simple and quick, simple assembly without screws, specifications can be custom made, multi-purpose tray for delivery of goods, easy to use, is the preferred choice of medium and small enterprise storage compartment shelves.

Attic shelves for medium and small pieces placed there unified specifications of the product, easy classification, pick up convenient, fast, solid structure, bearing the weight of this shelf mostly in the layer bearing 800KG, this platform can save floor space, greatly reducing the space waste, other specifications can be custom made, this shelf in the amount of logistics, factory enterprises and larger, suitable for medium-sized warehouse.

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