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Flow_DST Profile
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Key words:Flow_DST Profile

Shelf definitions

Gravity shelves storage shelves belong to the class of pallet storage shelves. Flow_DST uses a FIFO storage, shelf depth and layers may be needed. Gravity shelves for less variety store large quantities of similar goods.

working principle

Gravity shelves called roller shelves, storage shelves belong to the class of pallet storage shelves. Gravity is one of the shelves Rack beams derivatives shelf structure with beam shelves similar, but the placement of the beam drum track, the track was a 3-5 ° tilt. Cargo handling with a forklift pallet to shelves stock mouth, the use of self-respect, the tray automatically imported from coast to pick up the other end of the port. Gravity shelves belong to the FIFO storage.

Shelf Features

1, the goods stored in the high end, low-end slipped removed from the low end. Sliding process cargo, slide provided with dampers, sliding speed control of the goods kept in a safe range. One end of the slide is provided with a separator shipping, handling machinery can be successfully removed first plate position of cargo.

2, the goods follow the FIFO order. Shelves with high storage density, and has a flexible fit function.

3, apply to the carrier tray storage operations, cargo stack neatly for storage of bulky weight provides a better solution for warehouse space utilization above 75%, and only one into the ship channel.

4, gravity shelves very environmentally friendly, using all forms of non-powered, energy-free, low noise, safe and reliable, can operate at full capacity.

Shelf between the groups not operating channel, which increased by 60% space utilization, increase the floor area ratio warehousing; tray operation follows the FIFO principle; automatically rotating stored; storage and selection of two separate movements, greatly increased output, because it is self-gravity sliding of goods, and no operating channel, so reducing the number of transport routes and forklifts.

Shelf structure

Gravity shelves evolved from the pallet rack is made using a drum track or wheeled bottom tray.

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