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Four-way shuttle system shelf
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Our company began to participate in the design and production of four-way shuttle system shelves in 2016. It is one of the earliest domestic companies engaged in designing, producing and installing four-way shuttle system shelves. It can independently complete the second, third, and fourth-generation four-way domestic Design, production and installation of four-way shuttle system racks required for shuttles. At present, the company's completed projects account for 80% of domestic four-way shuttle projects that have been delivered and used, mainly involving the power, logistics, and pharmaceutical industries.

The system shelf includes pillars, special guide rails, shuttles, and ox leg and ox leg beams. The goods are stored on the ox leg beams, and the ox leg beams are installed on the ox legs.

The four-way shuttle system shelf meets the requirements for the shuttle to be able to move quickly in the four directions in the same level alone, and it can also store quickly and precisely.

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