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Mobile shelves Profile
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Key words:Mobile shelves Profile

Mobile shelves Overview

Its prominent advantage is to improve the utilization of space, a set of shelves just one channel, while the stationary pallet racking one channel, only the channel to serve both sides of the two rows of shelves. So in the same space, mobile shelves storage capacity is much higher than the average fixed shelves.

Mobile shelves Categories

1. open mobile shelves

Mobile Rack open its drive mechanism is provided in the base shelf, shelf operating panel provided at the ends, simple and easy to operate. Before and after the shelf has a safety sub-line switch, a whole shelf obstacles encountered immediately stopped.

2. Closed Mobile Rack

Closed mobile shelves when no access to the goods, each shelf to move together after all closed, and locked all. Each shelf is equipped with a rubber seal at the interface, also known as closed-end shelf.

Structural features

Mobile shelves only set up a channel, high utilization of space, safe, reliable, easy to move, according to the load can be divided into heavy, medium and light are three general heavy-duty shelves with electric control for easy mobility, light, medium commonly used hand mobile. Product Features: For stock varieties, but less frequent rate out of storage warehouses, inventory or higher frequencies, but can order the roadway out of storage warehouse. Usually only need a job channel, can greatly improve the utilization of storage space, it is widely used in the media, libraries, financial, food and other industries warehouse.

working principle

Two rows back to back into a set of shelves mounted on a mobile chassis, was arranged in a plurality of sets, each of the plurality of rollers attached to the chassis and the drive motor by pressing the control button, the drive motor driven by a chain drive and the entire chassis on the shelf goods, laying on the ground along two or more rails (or trackless - magnetic stripe different primers), so the truck can enter the venue has moved to open access goods.

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